Weekly Training & Games

Now that you/ your child are registered to be part of our club, part of your weekly commitment is making it to your team training days. 

Training will more than likely held at Bremworth Park, on Thursdays, from late afternoon through until last light, depending on the age of your child's team.

Your child will be expected to attend these sessions at times set by your coach and team manager. They will need to be wearing boots & shin guards (with a bottle of water) as a minimum. 

These sessions are designed to suit your team's capabilities and allow for each player to grow and learn to work as a team, which is very important come game day! Our goal is for each team to play its best and enjoy the results.

A number of games will be played at Bremworth Park and others will be 'away' games at other clubs and schools. You will receive all relevant information on game locations released in the weekly draw.

As part of the team it is required you try to attend all games. In the event something arises you must advise your coach or team manager.

Remember you are now part of a team and that means teamwork, having fun and learning to enjoy the sport.