Helpful Info for Tomorrows Games

Cancellation decisions will be made by 7.30am on Saturday morning, and we will advise of cancellations as early as possible. 

Cancellations will be updated on the cancellations page on the website, and on our Facebook page, so you can direct Coaches and parents to these pages:

Website: https://www.sporty.co.nz/waibopfootball/COMPETITIONS/Cancellations-1?em=0&ts=0.5954864147418035

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/WaiBOPfootball/

Please Check your Fixtures:
Up until 5pm Thursday, changes may be made to the draw without the clubs involved being notified.  After this time, we will contact specific clubs to advise of any game, time or venue changes.  We strongly recommend that you get team coaches/managers to check the website on Fridays for the latest up to date fixture information.

Viewing Fixture on the website:
You can filter on the Draws page of the website to see just fixtures involving your club, by selecting your club/school only from the Organisations tab in the header. You can then adjust the date range as required

Sideline Behavior:
Just a reminder that Clubs and Schools are responsible not only for the conduct of their players, but also the conduct of their supporters. Please remember this Federation and its member/s, are supporters of the ‘Fair Play Sport Charter of New Zealand’. These include the following:

                *             enjoy ourselves

                *             respect the referee

                *             respect the opposition and their supporters

                *             be gracious winners and dignified losers

                *             play hard but play fair

Enjoy the games tomorrow – and all the best for the season.


Suzette Buckley

Western United AFC