Oxford Pies Available through WUAFC

Western United is participating in a fundraiser through Oxford Pies.

As a committee we are always looking for ways to improve the club and to do that we have to fundraise. With Covid-19 many of our usual funding providers are not currently making grants, so we are diversifying! This time around with an all time favourite for many and time saver all!

Many of you may be familiar with this, as many schools use this fundraising opportunity. 

You will be emailed an order form, which we would love for you to share with your family, friends and work mates, to help the club raise funds.

As with all good fundraising efforts, there are prizes for the top three sales people, and a prize for the top sales by team too!

Below is a list of the products available, and the info regarding returning the forms and payments: 

FAMILY SIZE PIES $7.50: Mince, Mince & Cheese, Curry Mince, Steak, Steak & Cheese, Steak & Onion, Pepper Steak, Bacon & Egg, creamy veg 

 FAMILY FRUIT PIES $7.50: Apple, Apple Crumble, Apricot, Boysenberry, Blackberry & Apple, Lemon Curd, Rhubarb & Apple     

*6pk Mince Savouries $5.50
*6pk Mixed Savouries $5.50
*5pk Mince lunch pies $11.00
*5pk Mince & Cheese lunch pies $11.00
*5pk Bacon and Egg lunch pies $11.00
*5pk Steak & Cheese lunch pies $11.00
*5pk sausage rolls $8.00
*6pk Choc Lamingtons $5.50
*6pk Raspberry Lamingtons $5.50

Money and order due by Thursday 10th September
Delivery/ collection 24th September. 

Please tell those you think will be keen on an easy Saturday lunch!! Feel free to share on your page with your friends 😉

Any questions email wuafc.bbq@gmail.com