Registration- MyCOMET

Once you have set up your MyCOMET account you can click the link below. Enter your log in details and will arrive straight onto the item details page where they can complete any custom attributes and add the item to the cart to complete registration.

First Kicks: https://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/1249296688

Grades 7 and 8: https://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/1249328312

Grades 9-12: https://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/1249343460

Grades 13-14: https://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/my-comet/itemDetails/1249357494

For step by step instructions for setting up your MyComet login click here

To access assistance for your MyComet acount click here to email them.