First Kicks is designed to give 4 to 6 year old's a firm base of basic football skills. 

This is done while having a load of fun. To do this we have an hour session that includes two drills lasting 20 minutes then flowing into three smaller games for the last 30 minutes.

For more info visit Waibop, where you can read all about the philosophy of Junior Football.


The Coaching Coordinator roles are voluntary positions filled by members of the WUAFC Committee.

The role of the Coaching Coordinator is to support and help all coaches whenever they need it. This assistance will vary depending on experience and needs of each coach. Your coaching coordinator is who you contact first to discuss any issues arising from games, with players or for coaching support. 

There are three Coaching Coordinators each focusing on different grades. See the contact page for more details.


WUAFC offers coaching courses through our partnership with Waibop Football. 

These range from introduction to football, through level one, two and three coaching courses. As a coach you will be expected to attend coaching courses so that your skills are age and stage relevant and add to the develop of the players skills. 

Keep up to date with courses available, by following our Facebook page and our BLOG page where we make announcements about up coming courses.