Monthly Committee Meetings

Our club is run by volunteers. This starts with the committee members and follows through to the coaches, managers, and bbq crew.  Our volunteer committee members meet once a month and work though whats happening in the club, work out plans for best serving the community and creating the best possible engagement for players. 

Ours is a relatively small group of people making the club tick over, and we'd love to hear from you if you could offer a hand. Most of our committee members came on board not really sure what they had to offer, but soon discovered that they had skill sets which complimented and served the community. 

If you would like to know more about how the club operates and the work that goes into making the club tick please get in touch with one of the committee members.  Also if you have anything you would like on the meeting agenda, please email one of the committee.

​Got a question?

Flick us a message, or email directly by selecting a committee member

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Message Sent

Funding Ideas? Were all ears!

Click here to read about our ideas, and see how you can help!

The WUAFC Committee is made up of the following volunteers:

President: Glenn Mclennan
Secretary: Suzette Buckley
Treasurer: Warren Hastie

Coaching Coordinators:
First Kicks + 7th & 8th Grade: Rhys Hickman
9th- 11th Grade: Evan Hastings
12 Grade+ : Glenn Mclennan
All Girls Grades: Sarah Hastie

Funding & Grants: Megan Piripi
BBQ Liaison: Samantha Matheson
Media Liaison: Amanda Ratuki
Committee Member: Jason Fell & Jaimee Carter

*Click on the names to send email.