Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several ways that your organisation can help us, in fact, we tailor the sponsorship around what you can offer. 

We do have three main projects that we are working towards, detailed below.

We will be excited to hear how you may be able to help our club in its commitment to having a community of fit, happy and active children through football.

Please make contact with our Funding & Grants representative. 


WUAFC is committed to supporting all children who wish to play football in our catchment area. 

To ease the financial burden many families face when supporting children in sport we keep subscription costs low. Therefore we rely on the generosity of the wider community and our own club's fundraising initiatives.

If you have any connections for funding initiatives please get in touch with us.


Your 20-min chance to serve the football community- sausages!

This week your Team has a home game and is on BBQ duties. 

The committee thank you in advance for your assistance with this and appreciate that it’s not always convenient and that it can mean that you miss part of your child's game. We have tried as best we can to roster the times so that teams are only on duty for part of each game.

The benefits of your team fulfilling this duty are directly beneficial to your team, as the funds cover things such as tournaments which the club pays for the teams to attend. 

Below is a roster which you (as coach/manager) need to pass onto the guardians in your team and have six volunteers, who each select one 20 minute slot. We understand this can be time consuming, but our committee members are also volunteers and have other time commitments with the club, so we need your help with this. 

Please fill in the roster for your team (as indicated by the name of your team below) by Thursday evening and send it back to wuafc.bbq@gmail.com

One way to fill your team's roster easier is by doing a poll in your groups messenger chat. 

Set up three options, one with each time slot and ask guardians to vote, then you can all see in real time what gaps need filling, and chase up those yet to volunteer .

Opposite you will find the Standard Operating Procedures for this duty, please ensure that each volunteer has access to these. As it can take the pressure off, knowing in advance what is expected.

Again, thank you and enjoy your warm dry spot in the BBQ shack this weekend!

Home Game Team 1Volunteer 1Volunteer 2
Set Up (8.30am)
Home Game Team 2:Volunteer 1Volunteer 2
Home Game Team 3:Volunteer 1Volunteer 2
11.20am (Pack-down 11.30am)


Firstly, thanks for your help with this, it really makes a difference having your input. 

All non food items for day can be found in a plastic container

Food products are in the fridge
Juices- are in freezer
Onions- these are pre-sliced, cook 1/2 bag max at a time
Bread- if marked B on bread packet it’s buttered. 20 pieces per bag that are buttered
Sausages- 40 sausages per bag

The fridge code will be emailed to the team coach/ manager for the groups on set up/ pack down

The following items need to go down to the Gazebo at setup:
Bbq, gas bottle, gazebo wrap, gear container, dishes and tongs with chilli bin of chilled foods, this is largely packed up bar the chilly bin.
The set up gear all fits on bbq, it has four wheels to help roll up and down.

Once set up:
Cook sausages half bag patches, to ensure no major over waste.  Crusts make good bases in holding tray of cooked sausages.
Please use gloves and hand sanitizer, the person dealing with money, must use another gloved hand to manage food.

All products are $2:
Snags, drinks, juices and 50/50 raffle. 
The raffle: This will be drawn at the end of the season get together. How it works is that, whatever is raised gets split 50/50 with the club and the winner of the raffle!

Pack down:
At the end of the final game or when stock has run out, whatever comes first, do the reverse of the set up instructions. Also please leave all the dishes in one pan under the hood of the bbq.

Float is locked in the fridge and is to be left in there after pack down also.
Any issues, my cell number which is written on back of 50/50 raffle. 

Western United AFC- BBQ Liaison

Key Projects

Below are the three projects WUAFC

is working towards for 2019

Key Projects - Below are the three projects WUAFCis working towards for 2019

Flood Lighting

This addition will drastically extend the time our teams can utilise Bremworth Park for training. 

Generally teams are coached by volunteers who work. During the football season we lose daylight very soon after 5pm. 

Ultimately this translates to less adults who are able to take on a coaching role. 

Thank you to 2E Electrical & Envisage Kitchens who are the major sponsors of this development. 


Feedback has highlighted the need for increased signage around Bremworth Park. This would include a map to direct visitors to designated numbered fields and facilities. 

We want our visitors to have an easier and more enjoyable experience at Bremworth Park. There are significant numbers passing through the grounds every weekend from around the region. 

A sponsor’s brand would have exposure to this audience. 

Large Marquee

We are looking for help to purchase a large marquee. This will have many uses at our club events and at other football venues as required. 

Brand exposure opportunities are obvious here so please get in touch to discuss further. 

We are committed to working with those offering support for our club so we can maximise the opportunities and benefits for our supporters and sponsors.

Our Coffee Cart for 2020

Check them out on Facebook for any changes or update
Monday-Friday 7am-12am
On the corner of Whatawhata Road/Newcastle Road

They will be at the games on Saturday mornings for our coffee needs!

Grab & Go Coffee 2020

Grab & Go Coffee 2020
Sausage Punch Cards Back in 2021

Sausage Punch Cards Back in 2021